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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Do you want to fall in love with your boy- friend?

Do you like a boy? But he doesn’t care
about you? Or do you love a boy? But he
doesn’t love you? OK…this could happen
often. So what do you do for win him?
Here are some few tips to gain it.
Remember that, every boy is thinking
girls as sex objects. That’s the truth. If
you became a girl friend or a wife for
some guy, then he may thinks about you
more than sex object. It’s not wrong.
And being sexy is jewel for a girl. Simply
it’s an asset to a girl. And admire it. So
you must improve it doing something
like, dressing well, keeping your body in
good shape, avoiding chipped and
chewed nails, clean and healthy hair and
avoiding unhealthy appearance mainly
try to keep your skin in good form. So
your dream boy will think about you than
Try to choose proper cloths for yourself.
You and your cloth must be like voice
and the music in a song. It means, cloth
should prominent your look. Dress like a
girl. Real boys like girls; they don’t like
the girls alike boys. A little bit of makeup
is absolutely fine. But don’t go overboard
assuming you’ll impress the guy with the
fancy artwork on your face.
Don’t be a pushy girl; it’ll always be a
joke. Mind your language; avoid starting
or ending your sentences with cuss
words. Use good words, and when you
speak with him, have a little honest smile
on your face. That is the best way to get
a guy to notice you. If you want extra
credit, make eye contact. The biggest
trait that attracts guys is a girl’s
femininity and sensuality. The way you
walk, the way you stare at him while
doing that thing with your eyes, and
everything else that’s girly and feminine
matters a lot to a guy.
Let him know that you are available for
his happiness and sadness. Get to know
about his personal life and his family
matters well. So you could close to him.
let your hands touch his hands
occasionally, it may a good gesture, for
let him know that you like him.
The other most important thing is if you
really love him; tell him how you really
feel in yourself. Tell him you’re really
happy with him. But are afraid of the
future because you have no idea what
could happen after this. If he has any
sense, he’ll know it’s time for him to
make some assurances to you. Don’t hide
your emotions or play with words. And if
he really does love you, he won’t be
upset to hear that. Instead, he’ll say
something that makes you feel better.
So finally this guy may truly falling love
with you, but he may not be interested in
marriage. Can you deal with that? If you
can’t handle that, and are really serious
about getting married soon, it’s probably
time to ask yourself if you’re with the
right guy for you.
And the same time remember that, every
boy is looking for a girl who is dreaming
in his mind. That dream girl’s main
profile or fact may be about the body
complexion, or hair color, slim, fat, it
may vary. It means, each other’s desires
are different. So if he is not looking for a
girl like you, there is nothing you could
do here. Don’t try to change yourself for
him. It never gonna achieve. You just
move and find someone who likes who
you are now.

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